Lani John Tupu
Lani John Tupu
"Captain Bialar Crais"

Lani John Tupu portrays Capt. Crais, the Peacekeeper officer determined to hunt down the crew of Moya for retribution in his brother's death in the SCI FI original series Farscape.

Tupu spends considerable time in front of and behind the camera. Tupu directed Going Home for the stage; the critically acclaimed, award-winning short film Talk of the Town; and the video The Main Course. He also assistant directed the Karen Norris Film Ole. He starred in the TV movie Tanker Incident and in the TV series Flipper 2. His film credits include New World Pictures' The Punisher and Energy Source International's Send A Gorilla. For over a decade, he has guest starred in many television programs both in his native New Zealand and in the U.S. that include Mission Impossible, The Feds and Time Trax.

A founding member of the Walkers And Talkers theatre group in Australia, Tupu has extensive theater credits. Most recently, he took part in the Bell Shakespeare Company production of The Tempest which toured throughout Australia. He has performed in over forty stage productions for several theatre companies in New Zealand.

As an acting coach, Tupu has taught "Acting For Camera" in Australia and New Zealand. He also runs weekly workshops on "Screen Acting" at the Actors Centre in Sydney, Australia.

Tupu was nominated for many awards throughout his acting career. In 1993, he received an award for Best Dramatic Performance from the New Zealand Film Television Awards. He was nominated for the Best New Talent at the 1984 Feltex Television Awards and in 1985, he was nominated for Best Actor. Tupu was also a finalist at the 1986 Listener Film Television Awards for the Male Performance Supporting Role in film for Send A Gorilla. He received a Best Actor award for Talk of the Town, which he directed, at the Dreamaker Festival in Ontario, Canada.

Tupu was educated at Rongotal College in Wellington, New Zealand and Wellington Teachers Training College. He was trained at the New Zealand Drama School. He currently resides in Sydney, Australia.

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