Rygel XVI

Rygel is the royal sovereign to over 600 billion loyal subjects. Unfortunately for him, not one of them is aboard this ship! He was the victim of a coup by his evil cousin. A prisoner of the Peacekeepers for over 300 cycles (roughly 300 years), and now aboard Moya, Rygel still acts like a ruler. He is the Sixteenth Rygel in a line of Dominars.

Rygel is, more than any other individual aboard Moya,, excessively concerned with his own self-interest. Of all the personalities aboard the ship, he alone seems to have created no special bond with anyone. Hardly surprising, considering his attitute, and when it's topped off with treachery, infantile behavior, and a condescending attitude, is it really any wonder he's so isolated?

So, does this dominar have any redeeming qualities? Well, he's a tough individual (he withstood the attentions of many torturers), he's excessively clever (he can out-trade, out-scrounge just about anyone), and he's got lots of pluck.

Standing all of 26 inches tall, Rygel rarely deigns to stand; instead, he floats about Moya on his ThroneSled, looking down his nose at the other members of the crew, muttering to himself, stealing what looks valuable, and eating whatever will fit in his froglike mouth. With an ornery temper, a tendency to fart helium, an unnecessarily egomaniacal attitude and the notion that everyone - in particular, attractive females, and especially Chiana - should bow to his bidding, Rygel is not the easiest creature to spend time with. Despite all this, Moya's crew has found him to be oddly endearing, and, though it hurts them to say it, he's part of the family, too.

There's more to him than meets the eye, for sure.

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