A member of the enslaved Banik race, Stark was cruelly expermimented on by Scorpius, toward whom Stark still harbors a pathological hatred. Stark has incredible powers of healing and mental abilities on par with those of Zhaan, whose death has left him grieving and alone in the galaxy.
A member of the enslaved Banik race, Stark has the ability to ease pain and suffering of others. This trait, inherent to the Stykera (a particularly special breed of Banik) made him a highly sought-after test subject for Scorpius' Aurora Chair. Stark helped John Crichton survive the horrors of the Aurora Chair and together the both of them escaped from Scorpius' Gammak Base ("Nerve" and "The Hidden Memory").

Stark returned to Moya and developed a special relationship with Zhaan, both of whom are able to use their specific mental powers to communicate extraverbally.

Stark was sentenced to death by the Plokavians after taking the blame for an attack initiated by Talyn ("The Ugly Truth"), but the hardy Banik didn't die he merely reverted to a non-corporeal form. Nearly half a cycle later, Stark returned to the crew, seemingly unharmed. ("Liars, Guns and Money, Part 1: A Not So Simple Plan") He came bearing the best kind of news for D'Argo: the location of D'Argo's long-lost son, Jothee. With Stark's help, Moya's crew was able to accomplish a daring (and for Crichton, nearly fatal) mission to reunite Jothee and D'Argo. ("Liars, Guns and Money, Part 3: Plan B")

Stark's relationship with Zhaan soon grew intimate on more than just a physical level. The two shared a spiritual affinity, and hoped to spend their lives together. Consequently, after Zhaan's death ("Self-Inflicted Wounds, Part 2: Wait for the Wheel") Stark became depressed and mentally unstable. Though he remained a productive member of the crew for some time, he began claiming that he could hear Zhaan's voice guiding him from "the other side." ("The Choice"). Eventually, he set out on his own to search for his beloved a quest perhaps only he could successfully complete, thanks to his close spiritual connection to the realm of the dead.

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